talent is the soul of enterprise management and development. Over the years, Yake Company has been accepting all kinds of talents, gathering the essence, and comprehensively introducing all kinds of outstanding talents. In the process of human resource development, it adheres to concept innovation, system standardization, detailed service, unity and cooperation, and creates an open, fair and just working environment and career stage for talents. Through the combination of internal promotion and external talent introduction, a perfect human resource management mechanism promotes outstanding talents to stand out, to realize the effective development and rational allocation of human resources, in order to achieve the management purpose of human resources that people are suitable for their positions, posts and personnel.

Yake Talent View

talents are the foundation of enterprise development and the first resource of the enterprise. Talent is the most precious and scarce resource of the enterprise.

The competition of modern enterprises is the competition of talents in the final analysis. Who has talent, who will occupy the commanding heights of market competition.

Yake, a talent carrier that gathers elites.

talent strategy

talent strategy is an important part of the company's strategic development. "People-oriented" is the basic principle of realizing the company's talent strategy. "Absorbing talents, making good use of talents, retaining talents and developing talents" is the core of the talent strategy.

1) If you are thirsty for talents, know people and be good at their duties;

2) people-oriented, meritocracy;

3) human nature management, people make the best use of their talents;

4) career development and common growth;

5) welfare to retain people, career to retain people.

human resource management mechanism

Scientific human resource management mechanism is the fundamental guarantee for the realization of the company's talent strategy. The company has always adhered to the establishment of a sound human resource management mechanism, formed a "development, competition, incentive, elimination" of the employment mechanism, to provide a broad career development space for outstanding talents.

1) Absorbing Talents

Across the country, Yake favors young compound talents with creative passion, and has established a competitive salary system by introducing a market-oriented talent value positioning system.

2) Make good use of talents

attaches great importance to the final work results, which is the excellent style inherited by the company. With results, results and goals, Yake will be continuously improved.

Talent is the creator of the company's value

The value of talents is the creator of the company

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