Gouache and pigments are busy flying, all kinds of materials show new looks

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In order to allow children to master various art skills, improve eye-hand coordination, have a good sense of color and aesthetic ability, and achieve simultaneous education between parents and kindergartens, the large-class group of Gaoming Kindergarten moved to the town recently launched "Gouache and Pigment Busy Dancing, "Materials Exhibition New Face" half-day open event.

In the selection of materials, according to the age characteristics of the children in the big class, each class mainly uses gouache with rich colors and difficult to operate, supplemented by various materials. The first class is mainly environmentally friendly, using plastic water pipes (which can be used repeatedly), paper tubes, popsicles, plush wire, beans, cloth and other materials to create. The teachers provide disposable aprons for children to use in games. Use cotton swabs to stipple the way you like, and print your favorite patterns. The second class is mainly based on the forest, and the main products are cartons, fans, summer hats, straws, disposable chopsticks, buttons, etc. Parents collage these rich materials into various works. The third class mainly promotes solid-color paper cups, paper plates of various colors, and white paper plates of different sizes and shapes for children to paint them with gouache, woolen yarn, and paper cut and paste. The 4th class mainly uses paper of various materials, using gouache, wool, straws and other auxiliary materials to decorate various shapes of handbags, tiles, pebbles, and various shells.

The successful development of this activity allowed children to feel the fun of activities with their parents and peers, which not only enhanced the homeland and parent-child emotions, but also cultivated children’s creative thinking and abilities

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