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January 2016

Yake Changbai Ganquan New Product Launch Conference Successfully Concluded in Zhengzhou!

Yake Group has gone through three years of brewing, planning and organizing to concentrate resources to build Yake Changbai Ganquan natural mineral water, which is a strong opening of the "door of the great era of mineral water"!

March 2016

All Yake Products Appear at Chengdu Spring Festival Sugar and Wine Fair

Yake Candy, Jelly, Baking and Mineral Water Jointly Appear at 2016 Chengdu Spring Sugar and Wine Fair, which has won the attention and appreciation of major dealers and become the highlight of Spring Sugar!

July 2016

"Scattered Light" All-Series Product Ordering Meeting

July 14-16 2016, Yake All-Series Product Ordering Meeting and New Products Launched in Jinjiang, China's Brand Capital! Dealer partners from all over the world gathered together, hand in hand, towards a new era of Yake!

July 2016

Invests in KISS MORE and Tiantian Bang Advertising Film

"Meet Love, Kiss", "Playground", "Horizontal Bar" and Tiantian Bang "Song and Dance" successfully filmed and conducted high-frequency advertising rounds on mainstream media platforms.

August 2016

Yake Mineral Beverage Division Formally Established

October 2016

Yake Smurs Baking New Product Appears in Autumn Sugar

Yake Formally Enters Short-term Baking, Launching "Smurs" at 2016 Autumn Sugar Conference to Gains Dealers' Attention, Triggering Agent Craze and Creating a New Generation of Short-term Baking!

December 2016

held in Zhengzhou 2017 Changbai Ganquan Dealer Ordering Meeting

December 2016

Yake Sweet Special Meeting officially opened


March 2015

Yake created the product for spokesperson TFBOYS-small fresh jelly ice cream jelly, a creative cross-border product, which caused heated discussion in the industry after its appearance at the 2015 Spring Sugar Wine Fair! The double eating method of "normal temperature is jelly, frozen like ice cream" will become a new fashion

July 2015

Yake Changbai Ganquan Changbai Mountain Factory.

Yake Changbai Ganquan Industrial Park has recently completed the main construction project of the first phase of the plan. The main body of the first phase covers an area of 12 hectares and a construction area of 80000 square meters.

December 2015

Yake Sweet Sale Officially Opens!

Yake Headquarters Year-end Welfare Special Sale, Factory Price Direct Selling, Triggers New Year's Goods Wave!


July 2014

Yake launched TFBOYS endorsement to start a younger brand strategy.

October 2014

Yake Meat Muffin Filmed a New Advertisement with New Spokesman TFBOYS, Once Released on the Internet, Fans Response! Spend money on the major satellite TV prime time advertising, Yake meat muffins gradually occupy the category market!

November 2014

Yake is great every day, learning every day is great every day! Yake Tiantian Bang joined hands with TFBOYS to shoot advertisements and put them on major children's channels, occupying the mainstream media for children.


June 2012

Yake (China) Co., Ltd. marketing center was established, marking the launch of a new round of Yake marketing strategy.

August 2012

"Transformation and Leap Over" 2012 Yake Baking New Products Conference Successfully Held in Xiamen to Enter Baking Market!


January 2011

The six-month-long Yake "Yiya Ice Cube, Li Xuan Ice and Snow Festival" large-scale brand promotion activity successfully ended in Harbin Ice and Snow Festival, achieving a double harvest of brand and sales.

May 2011

Ice Cube "Come as soon as you have enough ice-Wang Leehom's advertising heroine audition" brand promotion was launched. The activity lasted for 4 months. The large-scale activity enlarged the brand image of Ice Cube, created brand influence and attracted market attention.

June 2011

Yake Food (Chuzhou) Co., Ltd. laid the foundation. The company covers an area of more than 200 mu and is expected to be completed by the end of December 2012. It is an important strategic deployment of Yake Company in the central region.

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