Into Hongyan


March 2004

Company hired Beijing Zhengbang Design Company to redesign Enterprise VI.

June 2004

Company hired badminton team head coach Li Yongbo as the company's image spokesperson, and went to Xinjiang with Zhou Xun in June 2004 to shoot Olympic commercials "Drumming" and "Cheering".

April 2004

Yake (China) Co., Ltd. laid the foundation.

June 2004

Yake (China) Co., Ltd. was incorporated in Hong Kong.

July 2004

Company hired Hong Kong Youth Group TWINS to endorse DI Da DI Milk Candy.

July 2004

Filmed Yake DI Tapping DI Advertising Film "Tap Dance".

August 2004

"Heart Unbounded, Dream Unlimited" as the theme of the Yake DI Dadi New Product Conference was successfully held in Xiamen.


May 2003

Company hired Ye Maozhong Marketing Planning Company to support brand integration.

June 2003

Yake hired Shanghai Zhihui Marketing to support the integration of marketing management system.

June 2003

Company hired movie star Zhou Xun as the spokesperson for Yake V9.

July 2003

Yake V9 commercial "Running" was filmed in Shanghai and then broadcast on CCTV and other television stations.

August 2003

Creative vitamin candy-Yake V9 was born in Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center, and Yake has since embarked on the road of brand development.

November 2003

Yake products won the China Aerospace logo enterprises and products.


April 2002

Fujian Yake Food Co., Ltd. was incorporated.

September 2002

Company started to cooperate with "German Candy Chocolate Consulting Company" and hired Mr. Ivan Fabiri, R & D officer of the company, as the company's consultant.

December 2002

Company hired Tinker Bell to endorse the company's snack food, which kicked off the promotion of children's snack food.


In May 2001

Company won the honorary sponsor qualification of the 28th Chinese Olympic Committee.


April 2000

Yashida Candied Fruit Factory was renamed Jinjiang Huihui Fruit Co., Ltd.

September 2000

Company became the sponsor of the 27th Chinese Olympic Committee.

September 2000

Company sponsored the Beijing Women's Judo Team and became its naming company. Liu Yuxiang, a member of the Beijing women's judo team, won the bronze medal at the Olympics.

October 2000

Company strongly invited Olympic diving champion-Tian Liang to join as the image ambassador of Yake's brand "Wonderful Chocolate.

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