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February 2021

Yake Joins Hands with New Brand Spokesman-Tan Songyun to Share More Sweetness!

April 2021

2021 Chengdu Spring Sugar, Yake Joins Tan Songyun to Launch Yake Leisure Food-Hand Tear Vegetable Meat, Grasp Category First, Entry into Vegetable Meat Blue Sea Market!


March 2020

Yake V9 joined hands with Babing to carry out live broadcast of Wang Weiya, 150000 boxes in 5 minutes, selling to a new high!

July 2020

2020 Yake All Products Order Meeting Successfully Ends, Creating New Records and Opening New Development!

September 2020

Yake All Products Strike Together, Ningbo Whole Food Exhibition Ends Perfect!

September 2020

Yake stays on Xinhua Credit Platform! Won the honor of "brand credit demonstration to create an enterprise!

December 2020

The 6th Yake Sweet City Special Fair Officially Opens


January 2019

Yake Changbai Ganquan Marries CCTV5 Channel, Opens New Height of Sports Marketing!

and "5" as companions, wonderful bloom. Yake Changbai Ganquan officially joined hands with CCTV5 channel to become the designated mineral water cooperation brand for the channel's wonderful events!

May 2019

Yake's four major business units will launch a combined attack and appear at the 2019 China Food Exhibition, paying attention to a new high!

June 2019

Yake Changbai Ganquan Won "Nobel Prize in Food Industry"-Monte Award!

July 2019

"Sweet Yake, Happy China" The three grand meetings of the 2019 Yake All-Series Product Ordering Meeting ended successfully, setting a new record and creating another glory!

December 2019

the 5th yake sweet city sale will officially open


January 2018

The 3rd Yake Sweet City Special Fair officially opened

May 2018

"Super Marketer" Theme Expansion Training Camp Perfect Ended

Yake Bulk Division Tiger Wolf Division New Team Expansion, Experiencing "Team, Collaboration, Courage, Tolerance, Respect, Honor, Motivation" and Other Training Essence.

May 2018

Yake Changbai Ganquan Won "Oscar on the Bite of Tongue" Award -- iTQi

June 2018

Yake Food Selected into CCTV China Parent-Child Plan, National Platform Achieves National Brand!

July 2018

"Sweet Yake, Happy China" Yake Troika New Products Build a New Pattern of Happy Market!

On July 14, 16 and 19, 2018, Yake's 2018 All-Series Product Order Meeting was held in three major markets! Thousands of merchants gathered, many new products appeared gorgeously, and they were praised by countless people!

October 2018

Yake Tiantian Bang Joins Hands with CCTV's China Parent-Child Plan to Create Sweet Parent-Child Relationship and Paying Ptribute to Good Life!

October 2018

October 20-24, 2018, Yake's three major business units launched a strong attack with a variety of new products and explosives, hitting the blockbuster, triggering the autumn sugar craze!

November 2018

"Sweet Yake, Happy New Year" 2018 Yake Festival Ordering Meeting Successfully Ends!

December 2018

4th yake sweet city sale officially opened


April 2017

Yake Changbai Ganquan Sponsors China's Three Major Olympic Legions

Yake Changbai Ganquan Sponsors China's National Gymnastics Team, Fencing Team and Sailing Team. Continue the Group's consistent support for China's sports cause and join hands with the Three Major Olympic Legions to start a new journey!

July 2017

"Sweet Yake, Happy China" 2017 All-Series Product Ordering Meeting

July 16-26 Yake All-Series Product Ordering Meeting will be held in the three main markets of "North, East and South" respectively, with thousands of merchants gathering to create a win-win situation and win the future!

November 2017

"Sweet Guest, Happy New Year" New Year Festival Ordering Meeting Successfully Concluded

November 11-21 Xi 'an, Hefei, Changsha, Chengdu, Changchun, Jinjiang, Six Meetings and Six Grand Shomes to Launch New Year Products! Yake and partners hand in hand to fight the Spring Festival!

December 2017

Yake Health Division was formally established

Health Division to manage Yake V9 brand and create a new Yake V9!


January 2016

Yake Changbai Ganquan New Product Launch Conference Successfully Concluded in Zhengzhou!

Yake Group has gone through three years of brewing, planning and organizing to concentrate resources to build Yake Changbai Ganquan natural mineral water, which is a strong opening of the "door of the great era of mineral water"!

March 2016

All Yake Products Appear at Chengdu Spring Festival Sugar and Wine Fair

Yake Candy, Jelly, Baking and Mineral Water Jointly Appear at 2016 Chengdu Spring Sugar and Wine Fair, which has won the attention and appreciation of major dealers and become the highlight of Spring Sugar!

July 2016

"Scattered Light" All-Series Product Ordering Meeting

July 14-16 2016, Yake All-Series Product Ordering Meeting and New Products Launched in Jinjiang, China's Brand Capital! Dealer partners from all over the world gathered together, hand in hand, towards a new era of Yake!

July 2016

Invests in KISS MORE and Tiantian Bang Advertising Film

"Meet Love, Kiss", "Playground", "Horizontal Bar" and Tiantian Bang "Song and Dance" successfully filmed and conducted high-frequency advertising rounds on mainstream media platforms.

August 2016

Yake Mineral Beverage Division Formally Established

October 2016

Yake Smurs Baking New Product Appears in Autumn Sugar

Yake Formally Enters Short-term Baking, Launching "Smurs" at 2016 Autumn Sugar Conference to Gains Dealers' Attention, Triggering Agent Craze and Creating a New Generation of Short-term Baking!

December 2016

held in Zhengzhou 2017 Changbai Ganquan Dealer Ordering Meeting

December 2016

Yake Sweet Special Meeting officially opened

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