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Enterprise concept

Enterprise Mission

Enterprise Mission

to the national service for their own duty, let the world enjoy delicious at the same time get healthy and happy!

Company Vision

Company Vision

Through continuous innovation and maintaining technological advantages, the company will promote the company to provide consumers with value-for-money products and services,
and bring consumer loyalty and financial profitability to the company, and become a competitive industry.

spirit of enterprise

spirit of enterprise

Yake, always want to go ahead!

雅客(中国)有限公司 Yake Core Concept 2011-12-12 12:15:59

"Second Degree" Rule

Attitude Speed = Success

Attitude Determines Everything, Speed Determines the Future. "High positioning, low profile" is the law of the guest.

"three super" belief

value: to provide consumers with value-added products and services!

Ahead of time: Be forward-looking and strategic in the face of competitors! Strategy first, strict planning, original thinking, new methods, powerful dissemination and implementation in place!

Beyond: Always surpass yourself and be cruel to yourself!

"Four wins" thinking

wins the market: value products win the market.

Winning customers: Perfect service wins customers.

to win credibility: integrity management to win credibility.

Winning Life: Winning Life Beyond Yourself.

"five excellent" integration

to build an excellent team.

Integrate excellent resources.

Hand in hand with excellent partners.

offers excellent products.

Create outstanding performance.

Team Culture

We are a group of wolves running with thinking!

There is no perfect individual, only perfect team!

Keep your head cold and feet hot and full, leaving room for sustainable development!

Enterprise Success Rely on Team

Team Success Rely on Management

Management Success Rely on System

System Success Rely on Execution

雅客(中国)有限公司 Yake Core Values 2011-12-12 12:15:59

Refining and Innovating

In the process of management and work, use facts as the basis, use data to speak, find problems, and solve problems in time; guide every job with the innovative spirit of making progress every day. To face various challenges and changes.

Pursuit of quality

Strive to create a learning enterprise and realize the sustainable development of the enterprise on the basis of the common growth of distributors, consumers and employees.

Service First

Create value and provide services for customers and consumers; Create development space for employees, thus forming a service-oriented value team.

Integrity Sharing

Adhere to the business mentality of being honest and doing things sincerely, and stick to the basic business ethics and style of life.

雅客(中国)有限公司 Common values 2011-12-12 12:15:59

1. Yake's basic attitude towards consumers

Yake aims to provide consumers with value and enable consumers to enjoy happiness and happiness in delicious food.

Yake aims to understand consumer needs and develop products to meet them through all possible means.

Yake is committed to ensuring product quality and providing consumers with safe, hygienic and high-quality products.

Integrity is the basic quality of Yake, never exaggerate false propaganda to deceive consumers and the public.

Yake respects the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and treats dissenting consumers in the event of legal disputes.

2. Yake's basic attitude towards channel partners

Yake regards all agents and distributors as partners in sweet business and jointly creates a better future.

Yake attaches importance to the fundamental interests of channel partners and will never use its own advantages to encroach on its due profits.

Yake is committed to providing due service to channel partners so that they avoid taking undue risks.

Yake works with channel partners to improve sales performance through advertising, promotion, publicity and other means.

Yake and channel partners focus on long-term cooperation, jointly cultivate brand, risk sharing and benefit sharing.

3. Yake's basic attitude towards suppliers

Yake attaches importance to its business reputation, puts an end to false promises, and does not sign agreements that exceed its affordability.

Yake attaches importance to the supplier's supply capacity and requires the supplier to guarantee the quality, quantity and delivery period of the delivery.

Yake means low risk to suppliers, so suppliers are required to provide favorable trading conditions.

Yake requires suppliers to provide various information, which is considered to be an indispensable additional value for supply transactions.

Yake respects the interests of service providers and deals at a fair price based on the quality and results of the services they provide.

4. Yake's basic attitude towards competitors

Yake respects the legitimate rights and interests of competitors and avoids unilaterally taking unreasonable and excessive competitive behaviors.

Yake obtains competitive intelligence through legal means and does not seize competitors' talents through dishonorable means.

Yake uses all legal means and market behavior to participate in competition and respond tit-for-tat to competitive behavior.

Yake protects its legitimate rights and interests and fights against illegal acts that infringe on Yake's intellectual property rights at all costs.

Under the premise of ensuring a win-win situation, Yake establishes a cooperative and competitive relationship with its competitors and participates in the competition together.

5. Yake's basic attitude towards profit

Yake, as an enterprise, takes profit as its fundamental purpose and evaluates all behaviors according to input-output efficiency.

Yake practices strict economy, eliminates extravagance and waste, and severely punishes the use of the company's resources for personal gain.

Yake values its own long-term profitability and does not assess strategic behavior with meaningless short-term profits.

Yake makes rational use of various production and management resources to give full play to its value during its effective use period.

Yake attaches great importance to the core business of food manufacturing and distribution, and avoids unrestrained investment in other businesses.

6. Yake's Basic Attitude towards Organizational Construction

Yake attaches importance to its own organizational construction, strengthens organizational learning and training, and strives to create and improve organizational capabilities.

Yake values team spirit and advocates that everyone in the organization should take responsibility for the growth of the team.

Yake requires all departments and posts to actively assist others to complete their work while performing their duties.

Yake strives to create healthy interdepartmental and interpersonal relationships, and does not allow for cliques.

Yake attaches importance to the rational flow of information within the organization, and strengthens information construction while ensuring strict secrecy.

7. Yake's basic attitude towards organization members

Yake provides organization members with benefits suitable for their performance and strives to improve their working ability.

On the basis of effective supervision, Yake gives full play to the work initiative and creativity of the members of the organization through authorization.

Yake strives to build a target management and performance appraisal system to fairly and objectively evaluate the work of organization members.

Yake attaches importance to the individual needs and goals of its members and provides them with the necessary working and living conditions.

Yake values realistic performance, but gives growth opportunities to members of the organization who have a good working attitude.

8. Yake's basic attitude towards the country and society

Yake loves the motherland and strives to contribute to the rejuvenation of the nation through its continuous growth.

Yake attaches importance to international exchanges and cooperation, but will never seek foreign ownership or cooperation that loses its independence.

Yake attaches great importance to the construction of community environment and clearly understands that community environment is an important element of competitive strategic environment.

Yake loves public welfare and participates in or sponsors various public welfare activities within its own ability.

Yake attaches importance to the relationship with various public media and strives to maintain a benign long-term relationship with various media.

management culture

First, we must learn, and second, we must cooperate with the elegant guest, the paradise of the humble.

First, learn, second, cooperate

, a paradise for the humble

Education only represents the past, only learning ability can represent the future.

respect knowledge, can avoid detours.

A good team should also be a learning team.

Cooperation is a way of operation that Yake likes and appreciates. Only by cooperating fairly with excellent people can we build a better team and jointly exert greater potential.

Bringing together elite talent team

Brings together elite talent team

Yake adheres to the talent concept of "people-oriented, employing talents only", and has been committed to introducing excellent talents, giving them a stage and space for performance, a scientific and humanized management mode, a comprehensive incentive system, and a continuous training and development mechanism, bringing together a large number of elite talent teams with integrity, passion, high EQ and profound professional skills. Constantly build talent thickness, improve the quality of talent is Yake constant pursuit. Yake's elite team will become one of Yake's strong core competitiveness.

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